Suzanne Weinstein
Feb 15th,2016


Suzanne Weinstein has been asking big questions since she was a child. Her life-long search for answers has taken her across the globe, from South America to the Pacific Islands. Raised by a strong, independent mother, Suzanne became the first member of her family to receive a graduate degree. Her personal spiritual journey has culminated in her dream to inspire a loving shift in thinking among women and men worldwide. As a motivational speaker and business consultant, she has committed her life to the growth of visionary, authentic, and meaningful leadership. Suzanne believes that by trusting your inner guide, you can live a more authentic life. She knows that you already have the answers to your deepest questions—and she wants to help you find them within yourself. Suzanne is the founder of In Sync Consulting Corporation and the author of “Leadership From Within,” which appears in her anthology Women In Sync. She received her master’s degree in organizational leadership with an emphasis in group dynamics and conflict management from the University of San Diego. Her clients range from admirals to executives. Suzanne uses her compassion, enthusiasm, and personal experiences to help her clients achieve synchronicity in their businesses and in their lives. Since founding In Sync Consulting in 2001, she has won many awards and accolades, but her clients say it best: “Suzanne is a remarkable talent... She has a natural gift… tremendous energy and passion for what she does and the support she provides…. I cannot say enough about her… I cannot recommend her enough.” She holds a Master’s Degree, with an emphasis in Group Dynamics and Conflict Management from the University of San Diego in Organizational Leadership. Kudos Winner of 2011 National Association of Women Business Owner Signature Award. The Signature Award is presented to the San Diego woman business owner who’s been consistent and persistent in business practices for at least 10 years and who’s demonstrated stellar leadership attributes within and outside her business. Nominee for 2011 Athena Award. Check out how we get sustainable results at