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Dec 2016

Byron Morrison: Introduction to Tailored Lifestyles

December 16, 2016


Tailored Lifestyles was created by Byron Morrison with one simple mission: To help as many people as possible live healthier happier lives, by taking a holistic approach in coaching them to improve their wellbeing.

So who is Byron Morrison?

I’m the author of the book ‘Become a Better You’ and Founder of Tailored Lifestyles: Habit, Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.

I know that change is hard. In fact, I know exactly how daunting and overwhelming it can be. Just like most people, I used to struggle with the entire concept of what a healthier lifestyle is all about and why it is so important. I paid no attention to what I did or ate and lived a largely sedentary life, comprising of little to no physical activity, with a diet filled with highly refined and processed food.

I had absolutely no idea of just how much of an influence proper nutrition and lifestyle choices have on our health and it showed on a mental, physical and emotional level. I was nearly 50 pounds heavier and had huge problems with everything from managing stress to my relationships with food, self confidence, along with dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life. Everything was affected, from my overall wellbeing to my relationships, mind-set and general outlook on life.

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