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Apr 2016

Fran Leigh

April 14, 2016

Leigh_Fran.jpgI’m in awe of what I’m trusted to do. I’ve supported thousands of people across the globe as they connect to the Divine Spirit within. I do that by sharing positive messages and through the inspirations I convey, I’ve helped people through pain, suffering, grieving, struggles, challenges, and transitions. I open their eyes to see their true purpose and their innate gifts, and in so doing propel them into a life they couldn’t before imagine.“My desire is to help you create a life that you adore, raise your consciousness and give you the tools to excel at everything your heart desires.” – Fran

Fran Leigh is a gifted spirit. Her life goal is to cross paths with those in need of a spiritual guide and to use her special spiritual connection to help others. Sometimes she is a guide, sometimes she is a messenger for the Angels, helping people hear the things they can’t or are afraid to hear. As an inspirational speaker and life strategist , Fran has helped thousands find their way and deeper their connections with the Spirit with her “tell it like it is” approach and loving delivery.
Fran regularly travels the world bringing messages of hope, forgiveness, healing, love and empowerment through motivational programs, seminars and workshops. Fran regularly shares her message via her podcast “Ask Your Angels.” Her books, Angel Messages and Love According to Angels, offer a simple message that’s surprising complex: “ask, believe, and receive!”

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