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Nov 2016

Frances Venegas

November 29, 2016


What a profound writer! As Frances launches out to put ink to paper, it’s as though God Himself is orchestrating every word you read. The flow of each message invites the reader in to take part in the illustrations of life. Each and every poem has it’s very own special identity. No two are alike. Frances has an engaging imagination that allows the reader to catch a glance of the pure nature of God’s holy power.

Frances has her own unique style that expresses not only her love and devotion to God, but her life experiences as well as encouragement and inspiration to her fellow man. The simplicity of her phrasing and the natural rhymes reflect her understanding of the power of words in their most familiar form. She is an artist who has come into her own.

Frances started writing in 1998 after hearing Dr. Maya Angelou speak. Through the years she has truly grown and blossomed as a poet. She realizes that it’s a God given gift and talent. Frances doesn’t take it lightly, that God has chosen her to minister to His people in this way. Frances truly has a heart for God’s people. She is humble, loyal and giving. All of these attributes and more are evident in and through her poetry.

Frances’s poetry has been published in several newspapers and newsletters . She has recited her poetry at church ministry functions and community events. Frances is also in the process of publishing her first book and her own line of greeting cards with personalized poetry plaques.

Frances is most certainly a woman called by God to compose the real to life compositions that touch the deepest part of your heart through her serious depictions of what matters most in life. She is the modern day Maya Angelou with her own abilities.