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Apr 2016

Joanne Dougan

April 21, 2016
dougan.jpgYou're successful. But are you happy?If you want to achieve both, Plan C Strategies is for you, your family, your company.Plan C Strategies is about building Emotional Intelligence so that no matter what's happening, you are happy. Not OH JOY happy. Confident in your emotional abilities happy. Able to communicate with everyone so that you are no longer in conflict.

Success and happiness can be achieved. Skype. Face time. In person. Phone. Text. E-mail.Three, six and twelve month retainer-based consulting - unlimited calls, texts and emails. Innovative presentations for companies, schools, parenting groups, women's groups and networking events.Topics include: Peaceful Parenting, KISS with Plan C Strategies, Gifts And Deals for Couples, The No More A**hole Approach to Your Work Life, and Happiness Is...?

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