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Feb 2016

Kerri Hummingbird

February 15, 2016


Kerri Hummingbird is a healer and transformation coach.
She is the author of the award-winning memoir, Awakening To Me, a book that details the steps of her healing journey over the course of two years. 
Kerri’s mission is to empower you to manifest the inspired life of your dreams.
Each moment of your life is an opportunity to step out of rote living and into intentional action, to create a life that makes you feel the way you love to feel. Feeling connected to the world around you, and being present in the moment with a joyful outlook, can happen beyond your vacation—it can become the way you live your life every day.
Building a life from conscious intention takes dedication and faith. It is helpful to have a coach to guide you out of the smoke and twisting pathways of doubt and distraction, back to the light and the road that leads to expression of your authentic self in this world. There are many ways to experience hummingbird wisdom…
Private Healings and Coaching
The primary energy healing Kerri offers is called Illumination and is designed to clear your energy body of stagnation and the signatures of unhealthy repeating patterns. “During an Illumination, we disturb and break up the energy associated with a repeating pattern or something causing you discomfort or suffering (physical, mental or emotional). We then move that energy out of your body using breath work, visualization, and intention. Often during an Illumination, certain buried truths are brought to our awareness, enabling us to come to terms with life events or choices. After an Illumination, you may feel lighter, happier, and like things are in a ‘different’ place inside of you. Several different practices may be performed as part of an Illumination including extraction of undesired energy (entities), rewriting of life contracts, and reintegration of unconscious energy (soul retrieval).”
In addition to energy healing, Kerri can coach you through your transformation process in person or over the phone, employing a number of different energetic and mind-retraining exercises she learned from The Four Winds Society, Toci, and Spirit Paths.