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Oct 2015

Liz Bentley 9/30/2015

October 2, 2015

Liz Bentley's business is Leadership Development and Organizational Consulting.

In this interview she address the importance of  Succession Planning.


In 2007, Liz Bentley created Liz Bentley Coaching in order to help executives visualize and achieve their work and life goals. Drawing upon her background in psychology, 10 years of experience in sales and management, and a lifetime of experience in competitive sports, Liz built her programs around her unique appreciation of mindset and the power it has to change patterns of behavior. Her clients’ successes were compelling, and Liz soon realized she should expand her scope and business in order to help individuals at all points in their professional careers. In 2012, Liz Bentley Associates was launched in order to provide more comprehensive development and coaching programs. “It has been so gratifying to see the explosive growth in our business and the reinforced view we’ve had from clients to our differentiated approach,” explained Liz. By combining theoretical knowledge with a pragmatic, results-­‐driven approach, the company continues to be a thought leader in the industry.

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