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May 2016

MichelJoy DelRe

May 7, 2016

delre_micheljoy.jpgBefore there were "Business Coaches" MichelJoy DelRe, stepped up as the first Transformational Business Consultant on the staff of Consulting Alliance. Consulting Alliance, the first in the nation, provided Business Consulting and Coaching to Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and CEOs. This combination of Business Consulting Programs with Executive Coaching is a proven method of transforming companies into Leadership Teams of Creative Thinkers who produce extraordinary Results in less time, have more Profit, and enjoy High Quality lives while making a Difference.

Always on the forefront, MichelJoy DelRe, coaches executives today to IGNITE their Millionaire Mind Mastery and THRIVE! Where there was worry and stress, they increase their JOY and abundance in life. MichelJoy has the expertise to take an Entrepreneur to their first millions and Companies into a new culture of Integrity. Clients take their business on as a Game in life, with a new level of Leadership, producing more with Grace and Ease. Clients exceed their own expectations in Results!

MichelJoy is a #1 Amazon International Best Selling Author and Speaker of READY, AIM, THRIVE! Audiences shift from "hoping" to eliminate stress in their busy lives, to "knowing" stress can be transformational, leading to success in a THRIVING life!

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