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Jan 2016

Othello Bach

January 12, 2016
Othello_Bach.jpgJanus interviews Othello Bach. Othello, (yes, Othello is her birth name) grew up in an orphanage. She didn't learn to read until the 8th grade -- and yet she is a best selling multi-genre author of numerous books which range in scope and variety from suspense novels to children's books to non-fiction "How-to" books.. She graduated high school having read only two books.

Despite her humble beginnings, she wrote a bestselling novel House of Secrets at the age of 24 and sold it to Avon Books. Her next two popular novels sold to Zebra Books, and then she turned her attention to the challenging world of children's books.

She composed her first song at the age of eight, so it was only natural that many of her children's books included her original music and lyrics. She's had 37 songs recorded by stage and screen stars Joel Grey, Tammy Grimes, and four books recorded by Sandy Duncan.

Arguably the most successful of her children's books was Whoever Heard of a Fird?, which was published by Caedmon Books in 1984. This best-seller introduced her delightful "two-feature creatures" and launched a lucrative licensing world under the brand name Firffles. This creative venture of over 100 products, included a line of toys by Remco, and a development deal with Hannah Barbara. It appeared that Fird and the Firffles were destined to skyrocket and catapult Othello's stories and characters into fame and fortune, but everything was suddenly interrupted by an unusual turn of events that remain a mystery to this day. After Harper-Collins acquired Caedmon Books, the franchise suddenly stopped with no real explanation.

Undeterred, Othello continued writing and composing music, but also became a certified hypnotherapist as a way to support herself and her children and hopefully help others. Eventually, she owned and operated her own hypnotherapy clinic and focused her therapy on weight loss. She wrote and published a complete weight loss program, which included a book and four hypnosis CD's called Body Designing.

Throughout those years, Othello's children's books quietly became highly sought-after collectibles. Bloggers discuss Whoever Heard of a Fird? and Firffels and the mystery of their sudden disappearance. Recently, Othello has started to illustrate her own books including: Albert and the Monster, The Golden Slippers, and Shermit the Hermit.

Othello frequently receives fan letters asking how to obtain an affordable copy of the book and urging her to republish it. After 20 years, the rights were returned to her and she will be re-launching the book, with all new art work, in early 2012. Othello is extremely pleased that fans of the original book can now relive Fird's adventures with their own children and grandchildren.

Othello's creativity knows no bounds, she is constantly growing and expanding has no intention of slowing down.

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