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Sep 2016

Gail Minogue

smallheadshot.jpgGail Minogue assists individuals and organizations to navigate the dynamics of change and become master builders of their futures, relationships, and successes. She provides clients with remarkable insights through a unique combination of trends analysis and forecasting, ancient & contemporary cyclical data, Pythagorean numerology, plus the wisdom gained from over 30 years in the business markets and the intensive study and use of intuitive spiritual systems.

Jul 2016

Joanne Dougan Part 2

Joanne is an emotional intelligence expert out of Lexington Massachusetts.  She is in the business of helping people help themselves to achieve authentic success and outrageous happiness. Her topic today is the second part of a three part series about fear and worry.

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Jul 2016

Susan Karcher

susan_Karcher_pic.jpgCo-Author of Who Are the Joneses Anyway

About the Authors

As two driven, hardworking people, authors Bob and Susan Karcher proved they could be successful by the world’s standards. They built a certain lifestyle and with that came the expectations to have big enough jobs, titles, and paychecks to keep up the appearance of success. But it nearly broke them, in more ways than one, eventually leading to a significant moment when they realized they were headed in the wrong direction and needed to change.

In Who Are the Joneses Anyway? Bob and Susan share how they learned the true meaning in life and are now dedicated to living with less, serving others, and creating their own “Living Legacy.” Their lives are no longer defined by what they have but by who they are. They live in the greater Los Angeles area and have four children in their growing, blended family.

Jul 2016

Janet Grace Nelson

2014_janet_grace-746x1024.jpgJanet is an International speaker, Inspirational Teacher, EmPowerment Expert, Author and Coach.


Her greatest passion is to inspire others to live the life of their Dreams. She coaches you through a deeper understanding of the POWER within yourself and teaches you to take“potential to POSSIBILITY” to “Create the LIFE you LOVE”.


Janet Grace Nelson has been in business for over 25 years creating, designing and inspiring others to live their lives with Passion and Purpose. Now, after spending years studying with,and coaching for, Mary Morrissey’s company Life SOULutions and understanding the Laws of the Universe, she is here to share with you the tools necessary to reach your potential. These powerful paradigms will help transform your life and help you tap into your Greatest Yet to Be.


Along with many of her passions, Janet Grace is also passionate about sharing her story. She is now a published author.  Below Janet tells her amazing story of tragedy, determination, belief and triumph.

Jul 2016

Joanne Dougan Part 1

dougan.jpgThe Middle Aged Answer Woman and Creator of Plan C Strategies

I am The Middle Aged Answerwoman. Whatever your problems, whatever your stress, misery, shame, confusion, indecisiveness...personally or professionally...I have the answers to all your problems.

All you have to do is tell me your problems and you WILL have answers for how to handle all your problems well, no matter what.

My promise: answers and authentic happiness and success. Guaranteed.

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Jul 2016

Ber-Henda Williams

Ber-Henda_Williams.jpgBer-Henda or simply “B” is an ambassador to the arts. She is a femolutionary, television and film producer, youth advocate, public speaker and lover of humanity. “The pen is her sword,” are the words she lives by. Ber-Henda, Germanic and Greek in origin, her name means “Bear Hearted Protector.” Ber-Henda Williams is the founder of Poetry, Pages, and Scribes, a monthly poetry series at the Southfield Public Library.

She has featured at the Dalley in the Alley, Detroit Festival of the Arts and has hosted many metro area cultural events. Fluent in Spanish, she writes poems in the language that has added a richness and passion to her work. Ber-Henda is in love with poets such as Fredrico Garcia Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Ursula Rucker, Prince, Saul Williams, Nikki Giovanni, and Johnny “Jy Obedele” Jenkins.

Williams lives her life in color. She is a lover of all things arts and culture and she is often referred to as an “old soul,” as she often listens to music from earlier time. Ber-Henda is heavily influenced by the infancy of soul music. She not only blesses the mic but the spirit of the listener.

Jun 2016

Cappi Pidwell

Cappi.jpgCappi Pidwell is a renowned expert in Human Behavior, NLP and Hypnotherapy. She is a highly respected leader in the personal growth field. As an author and sought out speaker, she has touched and empowered thousands of people with her insightful messages about the subconscious mind and how to enrich lives at every level, both personally and professionally.
Cappi’s uplifting, sincere, connected style has made her one of the most appealing and successful teachers in the “Mindset” arena. She is featured in the new movie “The Riches” and has been a guest on NBC live radio.
Cappi is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, and industry-specific trainings. You can connect with Cappi at  Her Website:

May 2016

Shelly Harrison

harrison_shelly.jpgShelly Harrison is the CEO and Founder of a growing business- Luminary Leaders, a Boutique Speakers Company, where she and her team develop and represent World Class- thought leaders, entertainers and industry experts to share their gifts & talent on stages across the country at conferences, special events, business conventions, seminars, radio and other media platforms.

Shelly spent over 25 years in the banking industry as a Vice President and Branch Manager for two major banks in California. Over the years, she received numerous awards for her teams Extraordinary Service and for her outstanding management performance, including Manager of The Year and Highest Franchise Growth in California.

Shelly is also the Founder of a growing women’s organization known as ETC Women’s Networking, LLC which stands for Extraordinary, Talented, and Confident Women. The women’s group meets monthly in the Inland Empire and Orange County- empowering their members with ongoing business knowledge, powerful speakers and a platform to collaborate and build lasting & meaningful business relationship with other like minded women.

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May 2016

MichelJoy DelRe

delre_micheljoy.jpgBefore there were "Business Coaches" MichelJoy DelRe, stepped up as the first Transformational Business Consultant on the staff of Consulting Alliance. Consulting Alliance, the first in the nation, provided Business Consulting and Coaching to Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and CEOs. This combination of Business Consulting Programs with Executive Coaching is a proven method of transforming companies into Leadership Teams of Creative Thinkers who produce extraordinary Results in less time, have more Profit, and enjoy High Quality lives while making a Difference.

Always on the forefront, MichelJoy DelRe, coaches executives today to IGNITE their Millionaire Mind Mastery and THRIVE! Where there was worry and stress, they increase their JOY and abundance in life. MichelJoy has the expertise to take an Entrepreneur to their first millions and Companies into a new culture of Integrity. Clients take their business on as a Game in life, with a new level of Leadership, producing more with Grace and Ease. Clients exceed their own expectations in Results!

MichelJoy is a #1 Amazon International Best Selling Author and Speaker of READY, AIM, THRIVE! Audiences shift from "hoping" to eliminate stress in their busy lives, to "knowing" stress can be transformational, leading to success in a THRIVING life!

To receive Leadership Success Stories and a free Discovery Call, see

Apr 2016

Susan Suehr

SusaSuehr.jpgn Helps those who are strung out & exhausted combining career & home balance find inner peace. With techniques used by Tibetan Monks for over 2000 years. Combining her meditation master skills with her extensive experience in product development and tech transfers in large pharmaceutical companies. She achieved inner peace while successfully commercializing more than 22 new products and achieved 4 patents and 2 additional pending. She uses theta brainwave entrainment with her Miracle Grids meditation products to help achieve inner peace quickly and easily. Learn more at